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Woman: An Intimate Geography pdf books
Title:Woman: An Intimate Geography
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Number of Pages:464

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The Beauty of the Beastly

The Beauty of the Beastly

Natalie Angier knows all that scientists know and sometimes more about the power of symmetry in sexual relations about the brutal courting habits of dolphins about the grand deceit of orchids about the impact of female and male preferences on evolution She knows how scientists go about their work and she describes their ways their visions and their arguments Perhaps most poignantly she understands the complexities and the sad necessity of death The beauty of the natural world lies in the details and most of those details are not the stuff of calendar art she points out Few writers have ever covered so many facets of biology so evocatively in one book The Beauty of the Beastly tells us how the genius of the biological universe resides in its details and proves why according to Timothy Ferris author of the acclaimed Coming of Age in the Milky Way Angier is one of the strongest and wittiest science writers in the world today

Natural Obsessions: The Search for the Oncogene

Natural Obsessions The Search for the Oncogene

On the leading edge of biological discovery is one of the most renowned cancer research laboratories in the world The implications of their discoveries form tomorrow s headlines yet Angier writes about the scientists themselves and not merely theri successes page photo insert

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With the clarity insight and sheer exuberance of language that make her one of i The New York Times i s premier stylists Pulitzer Prize winner Natalie Angier lifts the veil of secrecy from that most enigmatic of evolutionary masterpieces the female body Angier takes readers on a mesmerizing tour of female anatomy and physiology that explores everything from organs to orgasm and delves into topics such as exercise menopause and the mysterious properties of breast milk br br A self proclaimed scientific fantasia of womanhood b Woman b ultimately challenges widely accepted Darwinian based gender stereotypes Angier shows how cultural biases have influenced research in evolutionary psychology the study of the biological bases of behavior and consequently lead to dubious conclusions about female nature such as the idea that women are innately monogamous while men are natural philanderers br br But Angier doesn t just point fingers she offers optimistic alternatives and transcends feminist polemics with an enlightened subversiveness that makes for a joyful fresh vision of womanhood b Woman b is a seminal work that will endure as an essential read for anyone intersted in how biology affects who we are as women as men and as human beings Woman: An Intimate Geography books by Natalie Angier

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