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Impro for Storytellers (Theatre Arts) pdf books
Title:Impro for Storytellers (Theatre Arts)
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:388

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The Storyteller's Beads

The Storyteller s Beads

Running for their lives to escape the political upheaval in Ethiopia two young girls from different faiths form an unlikely friendship br

Dragon Teeth

Dragon Teeth

After Mark Brand left the CIA putting his expertise in Asian affairs to work at the quiet Washington think tank GlobEco his life should have become less hazardous Brand even advised his son Peter to stay away from government work and make some money in banking But when Peter disappears in politically festering China his father begins a desperate search for him Brand learns that Peter was captured while on an errand for the Agency witnessing Chinese missiles loaded with poison gas being moved into position for a strike against Taiwan Satellite photos reveal the missile formation is aimed at the tiny island nation and as an ally the United States is sworn to protect her And if this tense situation code named Dragon Teeth between China and Taiwan is revealed U S business will be frightened out of China shattering an already fragile trade relationship Assistant Secretary of State Irving Chenow must help the President arrange a covert air strike against the installation deep within the mainland and capture the Brands before they bring their story to light Now father and son must make their way out of mainland China avoiding capture by both the Chinese and the CIA while Stealth fighters move in to destroy the threat

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em Impro for Storytellers em is the follow up to Keith Johnstone s classic em Impro em one of the best selling books ever published on improvisation em Impro for Storytellers em aims to take jealous and self obsessed beginners and teach them to play games with good nature and to fail gracefully Impro for Storytellers (Theatre Arts) books by Keith Johnstone

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