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Title:Anime: A History
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Number of Pages:256

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  • The Art of Porco Rosso
  • Japanese Art
  • The Anime Art of Hayao Miyazaki
  • Red Knit Cap Girl to the Rescue
  • The Emperor and the Wolf: The Lives and Films of Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune
  • Studio Ghibli: The Films of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata
  • Tree of Cranes
  • Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation
  • The Smithsonian Book of Books
  • Kiki's Delivery Service
  • A Year in the Life of a Shinto Shrine

A Brief History of the Vikings: The Last Pagans or the First Modern Europeans?

A Brief History of the Vikings The Last Pagans or the First Modern Europeans

Between the eighth and eleventh centuries the Vikings surged from their Scandinavian homeland to trade and raid along the coasts of Europe Their influence extended from Newfoundland to Baghdad their battles were as far flung as Africa and the Arctic But were they great seafarers or desperate outcasts noble heathens or oafish pirates the last pagans or the first of the modern Europeans This concise study puts medieval chronicles Norse sagas and Muslim accounts alongside more recent research into ritual magic genetic profiling and climatology It includes biographical sketches of some of the most famous Vikings from Erik Bloodaxe to Saint Olaf from King Canute to Leif the Lucky Extending beyond the traditional Viking age of most books A Brief History of the Vikings also places sudden Scandinavian population movements in a wider historical context It presents a balanced appraisal of these infamous sea kings explaining both their swift expansion and its supposed halt Supposed because the Vikings never really went away Instead posits Clements they became a part of who we are today

A Brief History of the Samurai: The Way of Japan's Elite Warriors

A Brief History of the Samurai The Way of Japan s Elite Warriors

From a leading expert in Japanese history this is one of the first full histories of the art and culture of the samurai warrior The samurai emerged as a warrior caste in medieval Japan and would have a powerful influence on the history and culture of the country for the next years

Doctor Who: Immortal Beloved

Doctor Who Immortal Beloved

Theosophy Ha Surely you mean theophany Because we re not talking about real gods here are we We re talking about the appearance of gods Your heavenly powers are a little too mechanical for my liking And if I may be so bold Lord Zeus your demeanor is not very godlike

Doctor Who: Brave New Town

Doctor Who Brave New Town

It s like The Village That Time Forgot br br The inhabitants of the quiet seaside town of Thorington in Suffolk are living the same day over and over again br br What s so special about the st of September Why haven t the villagers noticed that the same song has been number one for years And just where on Earth has the sea disappeared to br br The Doctor and Lucie must solve the mystery before the visitors return

The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917

The Anime Encyclopedia A Guide to Japanese Animation Since

Here is the long awaited biggest guide ever the absolute must have for every fan collector library and video store browser Included are over Japanese animation films from today s PokA c mon Tenchi Muyo and Sailor Moon to the classic Tetsuwan Atomu Astro Boy and little known artistic gems like the anime life of Mozart with key personnel running time studio alternative titles cross references critical comment and sex violence warnings Illustrated and fully indexed br br Jonathan Clements has translated over anime and manga and was editor of Manga Max from Helen McCarthy is former editor of Anime UK and Manga Mania and author of The Anime Movie Guide Hayao Miyazaki Master of Japanese Animation and with Jonathan Clements The Erotic Anime Movie Guide br br box br br Also available br br Hayao Miyazaki Master of Japanese Animation br br PB CUSA

Doctor Who Unbound: Sympathy for the Devil (Big Finish Audio Drama)

Doctor Who Unbound Sympathy for the Devil Big Finish Audio Drama

b What if br the Doctor had not been UNIT s scientific advisor b br br and a lone exile arrives on Earth years later than planned br br On the eve of the Handover an advanced Chinese stealth bomber crashes in the hills above Hong Kong The discredited United Nations Intelligence Taskforce has just hours to steal the technology rescue the passenger and flee to international waters br br Down by the harbour there s big trouble in Little England a bar owned by an old soldier who simply wants to forget the past But an ancient evil is stirring in a place of peace br br The Doctor finds a world on the brink of terror A world that has lived without him for years A world that is frighteningly like our own

Wu: The Chinese Empress Who Schemed, Seduced and Murdered Her Way to Become a Living God

Wu The Chinese Empress Who Schemed Seduced and Murdered Her Way to Become a Living God

Wu was the first and only woman in Chinese history to become a reigning empress Jonathan Clements tells the dramatic and colourful story of the seventh century daughter of a lumber merchant who used her looks cunning and connections to rule one of the largest empires of the world Before Wu was born prophecies predicted that she would become an emperor It was thus a source of disappointment to her family when she turned out to be a girl But they underestimated Wu s steely determination to succeed At the age of she took the first steps on her path to power when she was selected as a concubine to the year old Supreme Emperor Taizong br br When the emperor fell ill the ambitious Wu committed a capital crime by seducing his heir Her gamble paid off and when the emperor died his besotted heir now the High Emperor Gaozong rescued Wu from life in a convent Back in the palace Wu wasted no time in framing and executing her opposition the empress and the beautiful Pure Concubine Her ruthlessness even extended to her own family After her husband had died she poisoned her strong willed eldest son tried to rule through his two more malleable brothers but eventually took the throne herself br br Coloured by intrigue murder incest and seduction Wu s incredible true story is a rich and fascinating tale Drawing on the original Chinese sources Jonathan Clements reveals the life of this extraordinary woman who proclaimed herself a living god founded a new dynasty and was only deposed aged after jealous courtiers had murdered her two young lovers

Darwin's Notebook: The Life, Times, and Discoveries of Charles Robert Darwin

Darwin s Notebook The Life Times and Discoveries of Charles Robert Darwin

One of the most fascinating writers and scientists the world has ever seen Charles Darwin is presented in this journal like biography through his personal writings and discoveries Progress with Darwin through his early schooling his studies in the Galapagos Islands the writing and publication of i The Evolution of Species i and his long term legacy This is a detailed account of Darwin s life and discoveries but it is written designed and illustrated to resemble a personal notebook or journal On the bicentennial anniversary of his birth Clements provides an intimate look into Darwin s degeneration of faith his personal relationships the acclaim and criticism from scholars and friends and his lasting legacy to science Discover both the scientific and personal sides of Charles Darwin with this beautifully bound illustrated biography

Doctor Who: The Destroyer of Delights

Doctor Who The Destroyer of Delights

You will be always looking in the wrong place I have searched through all of Time and I cannot find it br br The search for the Key to Time has stalled the next segment does not appear to exist anywhere in the Universe Forced into a temporary alliance with one of his greatest enemies the Doctor suggests a course of action that is a validation of chaos itself br br Thrown at random across Space and Time the Doctor and Amy arrive in th Century Sudan where the greedy Lord Cassim is hoarding gold from the Legate of the Caliph But why does Cassim look so familiar What is the mysterious Djinni that lives out in the desert And why does it need so much treasure

Mannerheim: President, Soldier, Spy

Mannerheim President Soldier Spy

Baron Gustaf Mannerheim was one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century and the only man to be decorated by both sides in both World Wars As a Finnish officer in Russian service he witnessed the coronation of the last Tsar and was both reprimanded for foolhardiness and decorated for bravery in the Russo Japanese War He spent two years undercover in Asia as an agent in the Great Game posing as a Swedish anthropologist He crossed China on horseback stopping en route to teach the th Dalai Lama how to shoot with a pistol and spying on the Japanese navy on his way home He escaped the Bolsheviks by the skin of his teeth in arriving in the newly independent Finland just in time to lead the anti Bolshevik forces in the local revolt and civil war During Finland s darkest hour he lead the defence of his country against the impossible odds of the Winter War This major new life of Gustaf Mannerheim the first to be published for over a decade includes new historical material on Mannerheim s time in China

Anime: A History - PDF | ePUB | PDB | Audio books | Kindle
This comprehensive history of Japanese animation draws on Japanese primary sources and testimony from industry professionals to explore the production and reception of anime from its early faltering steps to the international successes of Spirited Away and Pok mon br Anime: A History books by Jonathan Clements

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